Geotechnical Engineering

A4 Delft - Schiedam; construction reviews
In 2013, inco�peration with the combination A4All, several viaducts where reviewed and a 3D Plaxis analysis was performed to evaluate the negative skin friction for a viaduct where the old fundation was combined with new additional piles
Extension South Williams canal
In 2012, in co÷peration with VID Ship collision analysis was performed for a RHK ship hitting the canal board and for the maximum load on a Guiding structure; part of the analysis involved 3D Plaxis analysis
Train induced vibrations for COB and ProRail
In 2011, in cooperation with TU-Delft, TNO and PleasantPass, under supervision of COB a report was written for ProRail that discusses the possibilities to reduce their problems with train induced vibarations
North South Line Amsterdam; Analysis Quay wall Rokin
In 2012, in co÷peration with IV-Infra, the stability of the Rokin Quay wall, that showed increased settlements after the boring of the North South metro line, has been evaluated
EMO Quay wall for Europoort
2010, In cooperation with van VHB, a review was performed on the Numerical analysis with Plaxis for a new Quay wall in Rotterdam. Special attention was given to the modelling of interface friction
In 2010 WAD43 worked on 2 projects for Tankfoundations; 1) A review on a failed tankwall foudation, at the ETT terminal in Europoort, and 2) A design review for the construction of a new Tank terminal for VOPAK at the Delfzijl area. The analyses indicate that the bearing capacity is deformation dependant and sensitive to small variations during construction
Earth quake analysis for Tunnel A2 Maastricht
In 2010 an evaluation of the Earthquake sensitivity for the Tunnel to be constructed in Maastricht was performed. Based on PSHA, the probability of differential deformation of joints was evaluated based.

Structural Engineering

Sinkhole in Shopping Centre 't Loon Heerlen
In 2013 Structural analysis was performed with respect to the Likelihood of collapse in the condition of the structure just before demolition in dec 2011

Hydraulic Engineering

Amsterdam New Sealock
Reviewing the Design and Constuct of a New Sealock
Galveston Bay
In 2013, as part of the team of TU-Delft, the workshop on developing ideas for a Storm Surge Barrier for Galveston Bay, was attended. The discussion is still in progress
Graving Dock Ingleside Texas
In 2013 in co÷peration with IV-Consult a review on the seepage analysis was performed. For verification purposes additional Plaxis/Plaxflow seepage analysis was done
Monitoring of Immersed tunnels
In 2012, within the Frame work of InfraQuest a Report was written that advises on the monitoring of Immersed tunnels with respect to settlements
Settlements of Crane-support for Euromax terminal
In 2010, in cooperation with IV-Consult the local settlements of the landward crane-support girder of the Euromax terminal where analysed. A review was done on the proposed mitigating measure
Working Island in the Western Scheldt
In the Autumn of 2009 a duct was constructed underneath the Western Scheldt for transport of natural gas. Due the length of the connection the tunnel was drilled from a working island in the middle of the river. WAD43 advised on the monitoring of the dewatering system that was used to create a safe working space in the island to connect the tubes. For VSF Papendrecht the design of the Building Pit was reviewed and the monitoring of the dewatering was evaluated during construction.
New Orleans USA; Sturm Surge Barrier Lake Borgne
One of the first projects that WAD43 bv was involved with was the design of a Storm Surge Barrier for New Orleans. The work was performed for IV-Infra in the Netherlands that has competed in cooperation wiht Tetra-Tech in NO for the DC contract. The work consisted Soil characterisation/interpretation and numerical analyses for the Foundation af the Barrier and the Gate

Underground Construction

Brisbane Tunnel Australie
In 2011, in co÷peration with H3MHuijben bv, a review was done on structural design issues related tot the design of the new underground Airport link for Brisbane Australia
A4 Delft-Schiedam
WAD43 co÷perated in the design review performed for the VHB proposal for the underground construction of the missing link in the connection between Delft and Schiedam